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Sec­ond Cen­tral Euro­pean Life Sci­ence Invest­ment Conference

Hotel Stary, Krakow, 1819 Octo­ber 2012


Reg­is­tra­tion for this event has been closed.


Agenda cor­rect at time of going to press

17 Octo­ber 2012

Pre-​conference event: Life Sci­ence Open Space: open inno­va­tion day in asso­ci­a­tion with the Life Sci­ence Klaster, Krakow: twenty invest­ment /​col­lab­o­ra­tive oppor­tu­ni­ties in the life sci­ences from Cen­tral Europe


Wine tast­ing accom­pa­nied by Vic­tor Mag­nussen & Tomasz Zapala (gui­tar duo) together with Life Sci­ence Open Space Del­e­gates. Early reg­is­tra­tion opens

18 Octo­ber 2012

08.00 Reg­is­tra­tion Opens


Roland Kozlowski, LSBC (PL)

Leszek Grabar­czyk, The National Cen­tre for Research and Devel­op­ment (PL)

10.00 Ses­sion: The CE Life Sci­ence Sector


Talk: Deloitte and LSBC: “Global trends and impli­ca­tions for CE start-​ups”

Roland Kozlowski, LSBC (PL/​UK)

Oliver Mur­phy, Deloitte (PL)


Panel Dis­cus­sion: Life sci­ence invest­ment trends in Cen­tral Europe and how to pre­pare for success

Mod­er­a­tor: Roland Kozlowski, LSBC (PL)


Jef­fery Grady, Angel Investor (US)

Allan March­ing­ton, Appo­site Cap­i­tal (UK)

Pawel Wiel­gus, EIT­Plus (PL)

Agnieszka Deeg, Tay­lor Wess­ing (PL)

Juha Vapaavuori, Sitra (F)

11.15 Cof­fee & Networking

11.45 Ses­sion: Pub­lic finances and the life sci­ence sector

Chair: Marcin Szu­mowski, BTM (PL)


Talk: The role of the Pol­ish Agency for Enter­prise Devel­op­ment in fund­ing innovation.

Michal Banka, The Pol­ish Agency for Enter­prise Devel­op­ment (PL)


Talk: The role of NCBR in sup­port­ing small and medium enterprises

Leszek Grabar­czyk, The National Cen­tre for Research and Devel­op­ment (PL)


Talk: The role of the National Cap­i­tal Fund in financ­ing inno­v­a­tive sec­tors in Poland through ven­ture cap­i­tal mar­ket development

Marcin Tobor, National Cap­i­tal fund (PL)


Panel: The role of gov­ern­ment in fund­ing inno­va­tion (shift­ing from a ser­vice to a knowl­edge based economy)

Mod­er­a­tor: Marcin Szu­mowski, BTM (PL)

Michal Banka, The Pol­ish Agency for Enter­prise Devel­op­ment (PL)

Leszek Grabar­czyk, The National Cen­tre for Research and Devel­op­ment (PL)

Antal Ordoch, Hun­gar­ian Biotech­nolgy Organ­i­sa­tion (HU)

Andy Mer­ritt, Med­ical Research Coun­cil (UK)

Marcin Tobor, National Cap­i­tal Fund (PL)

13.00 Net­work­ing lunch

14.00 Ses­sion: Cor­po­rate invest­ment and pharma col­lab­o­ra­tion: a grow­ing neces­sity in the sector

Chair: Roland Kozlowski, LSBC (PL)


Talk: Is inno­v­a­tive drug dis­cov­ery pos­si­ble in Cen­tral Europe

Adam Vas, Gideon Richter (H)


Talk: Build­ing a busi­ness in dif­fi­cult times – tales from an entrepreneur

Dar­rin Dis­ley, Hori­zon Dis­cov­ery (UK)


TEA & Networking


Panel Dis­cus­sion: Attract­ing cor­po­rate finance and doing deals with phar­ma­ceu­ti­cal companies



Pawel Przewie­z­likowski, Selvita (PL)

Erik Lund, Merck (US)

Lukasz Kali­nowski, Adamed (PL)

Charles Brig­den, Amgen (US)

Mar­tin Bonde, Epither­a­peuitcs (S)


Selected com­pany pre­sen­ta­tion from Open Inno­va­tion Day


Round Table Dis­cus­sion No 1: Intel­lec­tual Prop­erty – the value of a trans­ac­tion led strategy

(in small audi­to­rium – adja­cent to main)

ara Sher­brooke, OsborneClarke (UK)


Close for Day


Con­fer­ence Din­ner and net­work­ing drinks

At the Hotel Restau­rant: Trzy Rybki (Three Fishes)

19 Octo­ber 2012 Session


Round table dis­cus­sion No 2 + breakfast

(in small audi­to­rium – adja­cent to main)

The do’s and don’ts for prepar­ing a busi­ness for invest­ment – real life case studies

Dayle Hogg, Impe­r­ial Inno­va­tions (UK)

Ses­sion Starts 10.00: Play­ing to the strengths of the region

Chair: Mar­tin Oxley, UKTI (UK)


Talk: Life sci­ence – not just drug dis­cov­ery – explor­ing other opportunities

Angelo De Rosa, Medtronic (CH)


Talk: Per­son­al­ized med­i­cine – the view from a diag­nos­tic part­ner & some per­spec­tives on emerg­ing markets

Har­ald Berninger – QIA­GEN (D)


Cof­fee and networking


Talk: The inter­face between life sci­ence and IT: a way for­ward for the pol­ish sector

Robert Moł­dach, eFab­rica (PL)


Panel Dis­cus­sion: Play­ing to the strengths of the region

Mod­er­a­tor: Oliver Mur­phy (Deloitte; PL)

Mar­iusz Ole­jniczak, Assign Clin­i­cal Group (AU)

Katie Ellias, Sofinnova (FR)

Mar­iusz Jarze­bowski, demosEU­ROPA – Cen­tre for Euro­pean Strat­egy (PL)

Jan Kowal­czyk; Ban­ner Group (PL)

Mar­tin Oxley, UKTI (UK)


Sum­ming up

Roland Kozlowski


Con­fer­ence close


        • Adam Vas
          Adam Vas
        • Erik Lund
          Erik Lund
        • Mariusz Jarzębowski
          Mar­iusz Jarzębowski
        • Jan Kowalczyk
          Jan Kowal­czyk
        • Antal Ördögh
          Antal Ördögh
        • Allan Marchington
          Allan March­ing­ton
        • Mariusz Olejniczak
          Mar­iusz Olejniczak
        • Paweł Przewięźlikowski
          Paweł Przewięź­likowski
        • Tara Sherbrooke
          Tara Sher­brooke
        • Leszek Grabarczyk
          Leszek Grabar­czyk
        • Roland Kozlowski
          Roland Kozlowski
        • Oliver Murphy
          Oliver Mur­phy
        • Agnieszka Deeg
          Agnieszka Deeg
        • Martin Oxley
          Mar­tin Oxley
        • Darrin M Disley
          Dar­rin M Disley
        • Angelo De Rosa
          Angelo De Rosa
        • Charles Bridgen
          Charles Brid­gen
        • Harald Berninger
          Har­ald Berninger
        • Dayle Hogg
          Dayle Hogg
        • Andy Merritt
          Andy Mer­ritt
        • Katie Ellias
          Katie Ellias
        • Robert Mołdach
          Robert Moł­dach
        • Michał Bańka
          Michał Bańka
        • Martin Bonde
          Mar­tin Bonde
        • Jeffery Grady
          Jef­fery Grady
        • Lukasz Kalinowski
          Lukasz Kali­nowski
        • Pawel Wielgus
          Pawel Wiel­gus
        • Marcin Tobor
          Marcin Tobor
Adam Vas

Adam Vas

Prof. Adam Vas was born on April 19th, 1952 in Budapest, Hun­gary. He grad­u­ated from the Sem­mel­weis Med­ical Uni­ver­sity and spe­cial­ized in inter­nal med­i­cine and clin­i­cal phar­ma­col­ogy. Dr. Vas spent 6 months at the Uni­ver­sity Berne, Depart­ment of Clin­i­cal Phar­ma­col­ogy (19861987; Prof. Adrian Küpfer) and 3 months at the Uni­ver­sity of New­cas­tle upon Tyne, Phar­ma­co­ge­net­ics Research Unit (1991; Prof. Jeff Idle) on grants. He went on study vis­its to the Karolin­ska Insti­tutet, Dept. Clin­i­cal Neu­ro­science Stock­holm sev­eral times (20002010; Prof. Balázs Gulyás) doing PET stud­ies in the neu­ro­log­i­cal field. Dr. Vas got his PhD degree in 1990. He became a Pro­fes­sor in med­i­cine to the 1.s Dept. of Med­i­cine at the Szeged Uni­ver­sity in 2006. His teach­ing activ­i­ties are in the field of clin­i­cal phar­ma­col­ogy. Dr. Vas is a mem­ber of sev­eral Hun­gar­ian and inter­na­tional soci­eties. He is the Trea­surer and Incom­ing Pres­i­dent of the Hun­gar­ian Soci­ety for Exper­i­men­tal and Clin­i­cal Phar­ma­col­ogy, Hon­orary Pres­i­dent and for­mer Trea­surer of the Euro­pean Soci­ety for Clin­i­cal Phar­ma­col­ogy and Ther­a­peu­tics, Head of the Scientific-​Engineering Com­mitte of the Hun­gar­ian Phar­ma­ceu­ti­cal Man­u­fac­tur­ers’ Asso­ci­a­tion and mem­ber of the EU IMI Sci­en­tific Com­mit­tee among other posi­tions. Dr.Vas is also head­ing the Hun­gar­ian National Tech­no­log­i­cal Plat­form for Inno­v­a­tiv Drug Research. Dr. Vas joined Gedeon Richter Plc., Budapest in 1993. He is presently the Senior Research Adviser to the CEO. He pub­lished over 80 papers.

Erik Lund

Erik Lund

Dr. Erik Lund is MSD’s Licens­ing Ambas­sador to the Nordic Coun­tries, Baltic States, East­ern Euro­pean Union, Aus­tria, Greece and Turkey. As such he is work­ing with local life sci­ence indus­tries and aca­d­e­mic insti­tu­tions to forge part­ner­ships with MSD. Dur­ing his career within MSD Licens­ing, Dr. Lund has been the sci­en­tific lead for exe­cuted part­ner­ships rang­ing from basic research col­lab­o­ra­tions to licens­ing of Phase III com­pounds. In his prior sci­en­tific career with MSD and Acad­e­mia Dr. Lund has authored >35 orig­i­nal research pub­li­ca­tions in peer reviewed sci­en­tific jour­nals with a par­tic­u­lar focus on the inves­ti­ga­tion of the for­ma­tion of and bio­log­i­cal sig­nif­i­cance of oxys­terols. Dr. Lund is a grad­u­ate of Royal Insti­tute of Tech­nol­ogy and of Karolin­ska Insti­tute, both of Stock­holm, Swe­den, and did post­doc­toral research at Uni­ver­sity of Texas South­west­ern Med­ical Cen­ter at Dal­las, TX before join­ing MSD in 2000.

Mariusz Jarzębowski

Mar­iusz Jarzębowski

Mar­iusz Jarzębowski Entre­pre­neur and expert-​generalist who has worked in the high-​tech indus­try in the United States, Aus­tria and Ger­many. Before com­ing back to Europe, Mar­iusz worked in Sil­i­con Val­ley at NeXT Soft­ware and Apple Com­puter run by Steve Jobs. In Poland he was involved in estab­lish­ing and run­ning new ven­tures. Also, Mar­iusz worked at a ven­ture cap­i­tal and pri­vate equity firm where he con­tin­ued to be involved in new ven­ture devel­op­ment, and served on the Board of Direc­tors and the Advi­sory Board. At Microsoft, as a spe­cial­ist in com­pet­i­tive strat­egy and new mar­kets, Mar­iusz helped com­pa­nies cre­ate new sources of growth like entre­pre­neurs, and learn from start-​ups. He is a men­tor to start-​ups. Mar­iusz wrote „The Grav­ity of Sil­i­con Val­ley” for THINK­TANK Mag­a­zine. He is a speaker on inno­va­tion and entre­pre­neur­ship. Holds MBA and MS degrees from War­saw Uni­ver­sity of Tech­nol­ogy Busi­ness School, in part­ner­ship with Lon­don Busi­ness School, where he served on the School’s Coun­cil and con­tin­ues to serve on the Advi­sory Board. For more, visit www​.mar​iusz​jarze​bowski​.com.

Jan Kowalczyk

Jan Kowal­czyk

Jan Kowal­czyk is a CEO of Ban­ner Group and spe­cial­izes in strat­egy con­sult­ing, cap­i­tal rais­ing and interim man­age­ment. Prior to launch­ing Ban­ner in 2004 he worked in the pri­vate equity indus­try and man­aged oper­at­ing com­pa­nies in Cen­tral and West­ern Europe.

Antal Ördögh

Antal Ördögh

Antal Ördögh cur­rently holds the posi­tion of Exec­u­tive Direc­tor at the Hun­gar­ian Biotech­nol­ogy Association.

Between 2005 and 2008 he occu­pied the posi­tion of Project Man­ager at DARFÜ (South-​Plain Regional Devel­op­ment Agency). Dur­ing the time spent there he was part of the inter­na­tional work group of the region and he has par­tic­i­pated in a num­ber of inter­na­tional projects – chiefly involv­ing other mem­bers of the Euro­pean Union. With his work he con­tributed to the sus­tain­able eco­nom­i­cal devel­op­ment of the region (INTER­REG III C projects) and to the pro­mo­tion of the regional tech­no­log­i­cal trans­fer (FP 6)

Pre­vi­ously he worked at Szaty­maz Local Gov­ern­ment as Project Man­ager. His main tasks were man­ag­ing ten­ders involv­ing over­all devel­op­ment of the settlement.

Between 2002 and 2004 he was work­ing as a Project Man­ager in the micro-​regional office in Móra­halom, where he dealt with projects enhanc­ing the eco­nomic devel­op­ment of set­tle­ments of the micro region. In the absence of the CEO, Mr Ordogh attended also the man­age­ment tasks of the office.

In 2004 he was given the oppor­tu­nity to par­tic­i­pate in the Min­nesota Agri­cul­tural Stu­dent Trainee pro­gram (MAST) as an exchange stu­dent. Dur­ing the time spent in the United States he per­fected his knowl­edge of Eng­lish lan­guage and he also estab­lished good rela­tions with the other par­tic­i­pants of the program.Antal Ordogh earned his degree in agri­cul­tural engi­neer­ing at the Szent Ist­van Uni­ver­sity in Gödöllő, Hun­gary. His The­sis and cho­sen field was rural and spa­tial devel­op­ment and also pro­fes­sional consulting.

Allan Marchington

Allan March­ing­ton

Allan March­ing­ton is respon­si­ble for Life Sci­ence invest­ments at Appo­site Cap­i­tal. Appo­site is based in Lon­don and invests on a global basis in health­care and related areas, includ­ing both health­care ser­vices and life sci­ences. Appo­site has over $200M under man­age­ment and typ­i­cally leads invest­ments rounds with between $1m to $20m invest­ments. Allan is a Board mem­ber of Ambit Bio­sciences Inc., Ambrx Inc, and Sotera Wire­less Inc.Allan was for­merly a med­i­c­i­nal chemist at Pfizer, Sand­wich UK. In 1997 he left Pfizer to start his own com­pany Cam­bridge Dis­cov­ery Chem­istry, which grew to over 130 staff and was a lead­ing med­i­c­i­nal chem­istry com­pany ser­vice provider. In July 2000 Mil­len­nium Phar­ma­ceu­ti­cals Inc. bought the com­pany and Allan moved to the USA to join the Mil­len­nium Man­age­ment team, respon­si­ble for all their tech­nol­ogy invest­ments and Chair­man of the Euro­pean divi​sion​.In 2003, he returned to the UK and after a brief period at Abing­worth Man­age­ment he joined the found­ing team at Appo­site Capital.

Mariusz Olejniczak

Mar­iusz Olejniczak

Mar­iusz Ole­jniczak grad­u­ated as an MSc. Eng. in Biotech­nol­ogy from Uni­ver­sity of Life Sci­ences in Poz­nan, Poland and is Gen­eral Man­ager and Chief Oper­at­ing Offi­cer – Late Stage Projects for Assign Group Poland. He started his career in clin­i­cal research orga­ni­za­tions in 2003 after work­ing in the med­ical device indus­try. Prior to this he worked in the Bio­engi­neer­ing Lab­o­ra­tory of the Foun­da­tion of Devel­op­ment in Car­diac Surgery NZOZ FRK Homo­graft. Dur­ing this time he was involved in tis­sue engi­neer­ing, tis­sue bank­ing and med­ical device research and com­mer­cial projects. One of his pri­mary inter­ests are advanced ther­apy and bio­log­i­cal prod­ucts. As Gen­eral Man­ager of Assign Group, Poland, Mar­iusz meets his clients’ indi­vid­ual require­ments for all phar­ma­ceu­ti­cal devel­op­ment needs whether locally, region­ally or global.

Paweł Przewięźlikowski

Paweł Przewięź­likowski

Paweł Przewięź­likowski co-​founded Selvita in 2007 and is the Chief Exec­u­tive Offi­cer of the com­pany. Before Selvita he spent 12 years man­ag­ing high tech­nol­ogy com­pa­nies, meet­ing cus­tomers’ expec­ta­tions and cre­at­ing sig­nif­i­cant share­holder value. From 1994 to 2007 he worked at ComArch – a Pol­ish infor­ma­tion tech­nol­ogy com­pany. As board mem­ber of the com­pany since 1996, he took part in the organic trans­for­ma­tion of a uni­ver­sity spin-​off to the largest IT com­pany in Poland, employ­ing over 2 700 peo­ple. Dur­ing his time at ComArch in 19992000 he was also the co-​founder and the first CEO of Inte​ria​.pl, the third largest por­tal in Poland. He is also the Chief Exec­u­tive of Bio­Cen­trum, Selvita’s daugh­ter company.

Tara Sherbrooke

Tara Sher­brooke

Tara Sher­brooke is an com­mer­cial intel­lec­tual prop­erty lawyer with 7 years post qual­i­fi­ca­tion expe­ri­ence, much of it work­ing with clients in the Life Sci­ences, Phar­ma­ceu­ti­cal and Tech­nol­ogy sec­tors. Her expe­ri­ence cov­ers advis­ing in rela­tion to strate­gic alliances and licens­ing, com­mer­cial and cor­po­rate trans­ac­tions as well as a range of dis­tinct Intel­lec­tual Prop­erty issues. Tara was pre­vi­ously an asso­ciate with US firm Mor­ri­son & Foer­ster LLP and, more recently, with cor­po­rate finance advis­ers Europa Part­ners. She trained as a solic­i­tor at Nor­ton Rose and has an under­grad­u­ate a degree in Cel­lu­lar and Mol­e­c­u­lar Pathology.Osborne Clarke con­sid­ers itself an “insider” in the life sci­ences sec­tor because of our in-​depth under­stand­ing of the sci­en­tific and busi­ness issues life sci­ences com­pa­nies face. Osborne Clarke has exper­tise in pri­vate equity, M&A, intel­lec­tual prop­erty (con­tentious and non-​contentious), reg­u­la­tory, com­pe­ti­tion and com­mer­cial law and not only does the team under­stand the tech­ni­cal and legal issues, but sev­eral mem­bers also have advanced sci­en­tific qual­i­fi­ca­tions and indus­try expe­ri­ence. Osborne Clarke’s Life Sci­ences sec­tor team advises a range of clients includ­ing Takeda, Mit­subishi Pharma Europe and Quin­tiles on a range of matters.

Leszek Grabarczyk

Leszek Grabar­czyk

Leszek Grabar­czyk Since April 2011 Deputy Direc­tor of the National Cen­tre for Research and Devel­op­ment – reshaped gov­ern­men­tal agency play­ing the main role in fund­ing applied research and sup­port­ing com­mer­cial­i­sa­tion of research results.

Jan­u­ary 2009 – March 2011: direc­tor of the Depart­ment for Research Appli­ca­tions and Inno­va­tion, Min­istry of Sci­ence and Higher Edu­ca­tion, War­saw (main respon­si­bil­i­ties: fund­ing of projects and infra­struc­tures for R&D within oper­a­tional pro­grammes Inno­v­a­tive Econ­omy and Human Cap­i­tal, elab­o­ra­tion and imple­men­ta­tion of other pro­grammes sup­port­ing inno­va­tion, coor­di­na­tion and mon­i­tor­ing of activ­i­ties of other insti­tu­tions engaged in sup­port of R&D and innovation).

July 2007 – Decem­ber 2008: deputy direc­tor of the National Cen­tre for Research and Devel­op­ment – NCRD (gov­ern­men­tal agency fund­ing R&D, estab­lished 1 July 2007). 20042007: in the Pol­ish Min­istry of Sci­ence and Higher Edu­ca­tion, Depart­ment of Sci­ence Strat­egy and Devel­op­ment; engaged inter alia in prepa­ra­tion of legal frame­work for NCRD, oper­a­tional pro­grammes Inno­v­a­tive Econ­omy and Human Cap­i­tal, elab­o­ra­tion and imple­men­ta­tion of the largest gov­ern­men­tal pro­gramme fund­ing R&D and inno­v­a­tive activ­i­ties – “Tech­nol­ogy Initiative”.

Grad­u­ated from the National School of Pub­lic Admin­is­tra­tion, Warsaw.

Roland Kozlowski

Roland Kozlowski

Roland Kozlowski received a first class hon­ours degree from the Uni­ver­sity of Bath and a PhD from the Uni­ver­sity of Cam­bridge. He is a bioen­tre­pre­neur who has worked in the indus­try for approach­ing two decades. Roland has held a num­ber of oper­a­tional roles includ­ing most recently Chief Exec­u­tive Offi­cer and a founder of Lec­tus Ther­a­peu­tics Lim­ited (investor exit via asset sale to UCB in Q4, 2011), Chief Exec­u­tive Offi­cer and co-​founder of Sense Pro­teomic Lim­ited (trade sale to Procog­nia Lim­ited in Q1, 2003). In the mid 1990s Roland worked with Oxford Mol­e­c­u­lar PLC on their cor­ner­stone deal he nego­ti­ated with Yamanouchi Phar­ma­ceu­ti­cal Co., Ltd. Dur­ing his career Roland has gained con­sid­er­able trans­ac­tional expe­ri­ence rang­ing from com­pany sale, pur­chase, financ­ing and in– and out-​licensing and com­mer­cial­i­sa­tion of tech­nol­ogy. In the past Roland ran a Research Groups at the Uni­ver­sity of Oxford and Uni­ver­sity of Bris­tol where sub­se­quently he was a Vis­it­ing Indus­trial Pro­fes­sor. He has pub­lished and patented in the field of ion chan­nel phys­i­ol­ogy and phar­ma­col­ogy. Roland has served on the boards of a num­ber of com­pa­nies includ­ing the Bio-​Industry Asso­ci­a­tion in the UK. He remains a direc­tor of Lec­tus Ther­a­peu­tics Lim­ited and is presently non-​executive direc­tor of Lon­don Genet­ics Lim­ited which oper­ates in the per­son­alised med­i­cine space, Chief Strat­egy Offi­cer of BTM Mazowsze Sp. z o. o. a com­pany set up to com­mer­cial­ize inno­va­tion emerg­ing from the lead­ing life sci­ence research insti­tu­tions in Warsaw.

Oliver Murphy

Oliver Mur­phy

Oliver Mur­phy Part­ner Trans­ac­tion Advi­sory Ser­vicesO­liver is a grad­u­ate of the Uni­ver­sity of Man­ches­ter in Eco­nom­ics and Gov­ern­ment. He speaks flu­ent Polish.

Oliver has has a wide range of cor­po­rate finance, due dili­gence and restruc­tur­ing and inte­gra­tion expe­ri­ence within both the UK and Poland and spe­cialises in cross-​border trans­ac­tion sup­port engage­ments com­pris­ing large multi-​disciplinary, multi­na­tional teams.

Agnieszka Deeg

Agnieszka Deeg

Agnieszka Deeg is in charge of Life Sci­ence and Health­care. She has exten­sive expe­ri­ence in work­ing with com­pa­nies from the phar­ma­ceu­ti­cal and med­ical sec­tor, regard­ing var­i­ous aspects of their activ­ity includ­ing: patent dis­putes, acquir­ing rights to prod­ucts, dis­tri­b­u­tion and ser­vice agree­ments, par­al­lel trade issues, refunds and pric­ing, and prod­uct reg­is­tra­tion. She con­ducts a num­ber of pro­ceed­ings regard­ing clas­si­fi­ca­tion of dietry sup­ple­ments, and pro­vides advice for clin­i­cal tri­als as well as adver­tis­ing and man­u­fac­tur­ing of med­i­c­i­nal prod­ucts. She was an advi­sor dur­ing the prepa­ra­tion and adop­tion of the Code of Ethics of Inno­v­a­tive Phar­ma­ceu­ti­cal Companies

In her work, she deals with clients from the phar­ma­ceu­ti­cal and med­ical sec­tor and pri­vate equity trans­ac­tions. She has par­tic­i­pated in a num­ber of sig­nif­i­cant projects, amongst oth­ers acqui­si­tions of stock listed com­pa­nies and ven­ture cap­i­tal invest­ments. She has rep­re­sented inter­na­tional finan­cial insti­tu­tions upon the acqui­si­tion of Pol­ish banks and leas­ing com­pa­nies, and LBO & MBO trans­ac­tions, and has rep­re­sented finan­cial insti­tu­tions and lenders upon issuance of debt secu­ri­ties, grant­ing finance, and finan­cial lease transactions.

She has been a speaker dur­ing numer­ous phar­ma­ceu­ti­cal con­fer­ences for many years. She is rec­om­mended by the Cham­bers and Part­ners as a spe­cial­ist in the area of phar­ma­ceu­ti­cal law in Poland. She grad­u­ated from the War­saw Uni­ver­sity Fac­ulty of Law and she is a doc­toral stu­dent in the Pol­ish Acad­emy of Sciences.

Martin Oxley

Mar­tin Oxley

Mar­tin Oxley is Coun­try Head of UK Trade and Invest­ment at the British Embassy in War­saw. Prior to that he was CEO of the BPCC which under his lead­er­ship grew to be the lead­ing inter­na­tional busi­ness net­work­ing orga­ni­za­tion in Poland. Over the course of the last 15 years he has held CEO and Board posi­tions in the mar­ket lead­ing global and regional phar­ma­ceu­ti­cal com­pa­nies in Cen­tral Europe. He retains a strong inter­est in health­care, life sci­ences and enter­prise. He serves on the advi­sory boards of a num­ber of youth enter­prise net­works. He is a rec­og­nized inter­na­tional expert and speaker on Poland.

Darrin M Disley

Dar­rin M Disley

Dr Dar­rin M Dis­ley is the CEO of Hori­zon Dis­cov­ery Lim­ited, a world-​leading trans­la­tional genomics com­pany and one of the fastest grow­ing Biotech com­pa­nies in Europe. At Hori­zon, he is respon­si­ble for cor­po­rate devel­op­ment, busi­ness strat­egy and investor rela­tions; and since Octo­ber 2007 has over­seen four years of 100% top line rev­enue growth and a 364% increase in exports which make-​up 90% of all rev­enues. These achieve­ments have led to the com­pany being recently named the East of England’s Busi­ness of the Year and being con­ferred with a Queens Award for Enter­prise in Inter­na­tional Trade.Darrin is a par­al­lel busi­ness entre­pre­neur and has been involved in the start-​up and growth of ten high-​tech busi­ness ven­tures. He has raised in excess of $80M of busi­ness financ­ing from Angel, Cor­po­rate and Ven­ture and has closed in excess of $150M in busi­ness devel­op­ment deals in the Life Sci­ence sector.He is an expe­ri­enced gen­eral man­ager with a track-​record for rais­ing invest­ment for and man­ag­ing the growth of early-​stage tech­nol­ogy com­pa­nies. Dar­rin holds a PhD in Biotech­nol­ogy from the Uni­ver­sity of Cam­bridge; has been the author of six papers, 7 patent appli­ca­tions and 36 con­fer­ence abstracts and; has been an advi­sor on biotech com­mer­cial­i­sa­tion strate­gies to key tech­nol­ogy cen­tres in Europe, USA, India and Africa.Dr Dis­ley is an avid sup­porter of “eth­i­cal entre­pre­neur­ship” and sup­ports numer­ous aca­d­e­mic, busi­ness plan com­pe­ti­tion and men­tor­ing pro­grams in the UK with finan­cial and prac­ti­cal support.

Angelo De Rosa

Angelo De Rosa

Angelo De Rosa is head of Strat­egy and Busi­ness Devel­op­ment at Medtronic for Europe, Mid­dle East, Africa and Canada (EMEAC). Angelo has over 17 years of inter­na­tional expe­ri­ence in the Health­care mar­ket, cov­er­ing Gen­eral Man­age­ment, Busi­ness Devel­op­ment, Sales and Mar­ket­ing, Clin­i­cal respon­si­bil­i­ties in diver­si­fied geo­graphic areas. He is also an entre­pre­neur, in 2010 he founded a start-​up com­pany called NayaMed. Pas­sion­ate for busi­ness model inno­va­tion and dis­rup­tive health­care deliv­ery mod­els. Mem­ber of the Inter­na­tional Grants Com­mit­tee for the Medtronic Foun­da­tion and active speaker in the MedTech area at Euro­pean level.

Angelo received his Bio­med­ical Engi­neer Degree from the Uni­ver­sity of Pisa, Italy. He holds an MBA from Politec­nico di Milano in Italy. He attended numer­ous man­age­ment pro­grams, such as the High Per­for­mance Lead­er­ship Pro­gram at IMD in Lau­sanne, Switzerland.

Charles Bridgen

Charles Brid­gen

Charles Brid­gen is the Euro­pean Busi­ness Devel­op­ment & Licens­ing Direc­tor for Amgen Inter­na­tional. In this role he has sup­ported many of Amgen’s recent global M&A trans­ac­tions includ­ing the $1.16B acqui­si­tion of Micromet, a biotech­nol­ogy com­pany founded in Ger­many and the acqui­si­tion of Mustafa Nevzat Phar­ma­ceu­ti­cals, a pri­vately held Turk­ish com­pany. He is also respon­si­ble for exter­nal R&D part­ner­ships in Europe includ­ing East­ern Europe and Russia.Having joined Amgen in 2004 as Ther­a­peu­tic Area Lead for Oncol­ogy, his most recent role was Exec­u­tive Med­ical Direc­tor for the UK & Ire­land where he led Amgen’s R&D efforts in this region. Prior to join­ing Amgen, Charles worked for Eli Lilly & Com­pany as a Clin­i­cal Research Physi­cian. Before join­ing indus­try, Charles trained as a sur­geon in the UK’s National Health Ser­vice work­ing in aca­d­e­mic teach­ing hos­pi­tals in Lon­don. He is a Fel­low of the Royal Col­lege of Sur­geons in Eng­land, a Mem­ber of the Fac­ulty of Phar­ma­ceu­ti­cal Med­i­cine of the Royal Col­lege of Physi­cians and holds an MBA from Colum­bia & Lon­don Busi­ness Schools.

Harald Berninger

Har­ald Berninger

Har­ald presently holds the posi­tion of Mar­ket Devel­op­ment Man­ager for per­son­al­ized health­care (PHC) at QIA­GEN where his main respon­si­bil­ity is to develop and expand com­pan­ion diag­nos­tics busi­ness involv­ing all sales chan­nels in Cen­tral Europe. He is also leader of the Euro­pean Busi­ness Team PHC imple­ment­ing Pan-​European tac­tics in var­i­ous coun­tries. Pre­vi­ously at QIA­GEN he has held the posi­tion of Direc­tor of Life Sci­ence Asia and Regional Export Man­ager, and was in the past Vice Pres­i­dent of Sales and Mar­ket­ing at Kreat­ech Diag­nos­tics. Har­ald was edu­cated at the Uni­ver­sity of Tübin­gen, Ger­many and the Uni­ver­sity of Cal­i­for­nia where he obtained his Mas­ter of Science.

Dayle Hogg

Dayle Hogg

Dayle Hogg joined the Health­care Ven­tures team in June 2011. Pre­vi­ously, Dayle worked in the biotech­nol­ogy sec­tor and has more than 10 years’ expe­ri­ence of drug dis­cov­ery and devel­op­ment across mul­ti­ple ther­a­peu­tic fields includ­ing, pain, urol­ogy and immune dis­or­ders. Most recently Dayle was Com­mer­cial Vice Pres­i­dent of Lec­tus Ther­a­peu­tics Ltd, an ion chan­nel drug dis­cov­ery com­pany, where he was respon­si­ble for busi­ness devel­op­ment activ­i­ties, the clo­sure of a num­ber of suc­cess­ful licens­ing and divest­ment trans­ac­tions and involved in clos­ing a num­ber of financ­ing rounds. Dayle has DPhil in Phar­ma­col­ogy from the Uni­ver­sity of Oxford, where his research focused on voltage-​gated ion chan­nels in the pul­monary circulation.

Andy Merritt

Andy Mer­ritt

Dr Andy Mer­ritt is Asso­ciate Direc­tor of Chem­istry at the MRCT Cen­tre for Ther­a­peu­tics Dis­cov­ery (CTD). The CTD is the drug dis­cov­ery arm of the Med­ical Research Coun­cil Tech­nol­ogy group, which looks to develop inno­v­a­tive drug screens emerg­ing out of ground break­ing MRC research and sub­se­quently pros­e­cutes drug dis­cov­ery pro­grammes. Screen­ing of a care­fully con­structed library pro­vides good med­i­c­i­nal chem­istry start­ing points, which in com­bi­na­tion with struc­tural infor­ma­tion on tar­gets can be uti­lized in med­i­c­i­nal chem­istry strategies.Previously Andy was a Direc­tor of Dis­cov­ery Med­i­c­i­nal Chem­istry at Glax­o­SmithK­line, a role which encom­passed global respon­si­bil­ity for out­source sup­port for lead dis­cov­ery chem­istry and for the pro­vi­sion of mol­e­c­u­lar tools for tar­get val­i­da­tion. He was at the fore­front of the devel­op­ment and appli­ca­tion of com­bi­na­to­r­ial chem­istry and tech­nolo­gies to drug dis­cov­ery, high through­put screen­ing and hit to lead devel­op­ment since the ini­ti­a­tion of the approach in the early 1990s. The use of out­sourced resources to sup­port early stage drug dis­cov­ery in GSK was devel­oped within his teams, build­ing an oper­a­tion span­ning the globe and encom­pass­ing all aspects of chem­istry ser­vices for early drug dis­cov­ery. Dr Mer­ritt joined the for­mer Glaxo orga­ni­za­tion in 1988 fol­low­ing post­doc­toral stud­ies in the US, and ini­tially worked on oncol­ogy and pain drug dis­cov­ery programs.Andy sits on the RSC Chem­i­cal Biol­ogy inter­face Forum Exec­u­tive and the Chem­istry World edi­to­r­ial board. He sat on the Royal Soci­ety higher edu­ca­tion work­ing group which pub­lished 2 reports on STEM sub­ject pro­vi­sion in 2006 and 2008. He has been a reg­u­lar under­grad­u­ate lec­turer in phar­ma­ceu­ti­cal med­i­cine at Impe­r­ial Col­lege, War­wick and Sus­sex universities.

Katie Ellias

Katie Ellias

Katie Ellias is on the life sci­ences invest­ment team at Sofinnova Part­ners, where she focuses on invest­ments in the med­ical device sec­tor. She acts as a Board Observer for Sten­tys, SA and MD Start, a med­ical device incu­ba­tor co-​founded by Medtronic and Sofinnova.Katie was pre­vi­ously with Medtronic Inc, where she most recently led the Euro­pean Coro­nary team as the Group Mar­ket­ing Man­ager and interim Busi­ness Direc­tor, sup­port­ing the $500M prod­uct port­fo­lio by defin­ing and exe­cut­ing mar­ket­ing and sales strate­gies which have posi­tioned Medtronic as a lead­ing com­pany in the inter­ven­tional car­di­ol­ogy space. Addi­tion­ally, Katie ini­ti­ated and led the Medtronic EUreka pro­gram (www​.Medtron​icEUreka​.com), an inter­na­tional, cross-​business inno­va­tion ini­tia­tive that gen­er­ates 10,000 web­site vis­its monthly and resulted in over 200 Euro­pean inven­tors’ annu­ally approach­ing Medtronic with their ideas for pos­si­ble part­ner­ship oppor­tu­ni­ties with Medtronic and MD Start. Katie worked ini­tially in Busi­ness Devel­op­ment for Medtronic’s Car­diac Surgery divi­sion in Min­neapo­lis, where she coor­di­nated the Corevalve and Ven­tor tran­scatheter value acqui­si­tions, efforts in sur­gi­cal heart valves, and atrial fib­ril­la­tion tech­nolo­gies. She also con­ducted mar­ket­ing and busi­ness devel­op­ment efforts in the CRM, Den­tal implants, and Gas­trol­ogy and Urol­ogy fields.Katie holds an MBA in Health­care Man­age­ment from the Whar­ton School and a BA in Inter­na­tional Rela­tions and Polit­i­cal Sci­ence from Yale Uni­ver­sity. Katie has worked as was a con­tract nego­tia­tor for Part­ners Health­care Sys­tem in Boston work­ing on health­care pol­icy and health­care finance for the region’s largest hos­pi­tal net­work. She began her career as a con­sul­tant with McK­in­sey & Com­pany strat­egy con­sult­ing in Boston.

Robert Mołdach

Robert Moł­dach

Robert Moł­dach, lead­ing expert and owner at eFab­rica con­sult­ing prac­tice, sup­ports pri­vate enter­prises and investors oper­at­ing in the Pol­ish health­care sec­tor in scope of strate­gic mar­ket assess­ment, busi­ness devel­op­ment, oper­a­tion excel­lence and leg­is­la­tion monitoring.

Robert is rec­og­nized for his pub­lic engage­ment in the social dia­logue and edu­ca­tion. Act­ing on behalf of the Employ­ers of Poland, he speaks to the Par­lia­men­tary Health­care Com­mis­sion, the Tri­par­tite Com­mis­sion for Social and Eco­nomic Affairs and other bod­ies, ris­ing key chal­lenges of the pub­lic health sys­tem. He is also the author of the Health­care Man­age­ment Prac­tice MBA pro­gram at Lazarski Uni­ver­sity in War­saw, teach­ing the cor­po­rate cul­ture, IT gov­er­nance and the social dialogue.

In the past, Robert devel­oped an out­stand­ing ortho­pe­dic hos­pi­tal Car­olina Med­ical Cen­ter. Before that he worked in finan­cial and ICT sec­tors per­form­ing key roles in the Euro­pean and Pol­ish busi­ness development.

Robert received mas­ters and engi­neer degree in advances of tech­nol­ogy from the War­saw Tech­ni­cal Uni­ver­sity (MEL), PhD in math­e­mat­i­cal mod­el­ing from the Pol­ish Acad­emy of Sci­ences (IPPT) and CMPE nom­i­na­tion from the Amer­i­can Col­lege of Med­ical Prac­tice Exec­u­tives (MGMA). Pri­vately, Robert is a hus­band and father of two adult chil­dren, an air­plane pilot and a del­e­gate of the Aero­club of Poland.

Michał Bańka

Michał Bańka

Michał Bańka works at the Min­istry of Econ­omy to man­age and medi­ate imple­men­ta­tion of sev­eral EU funded pro­grams. Since 2006 his respon­si­bil­i­ties have included run­ning the finan­cial depart­ments of three Pro­grams: (1) Improv­ing the Com­pet­i­tive­ness of Enter­prises, (2) Inno­v­a­tive Econ­omy and (3) Infra­struc­ture and Envi­ron­ment. He has held the posi­tions of Deputy Direc­tor, and from 2012 Direc­tor of the Depart­ment of Busi­ness Envi­ron­ment Insti­tu­tion Sup­port of the Pol­ish Agency for Enter­prise Devel­op­ment. His respon­si­bil­i­ties include: (1) Pro­vid­ing sup­port for busi­ness incu­ba­tors in find­ing inno­v­a­tive ideas and cap­i­tal input for „Start-​ups”, (2) Sup­port of the ‚Busi­ness Angels’ Net­work, (3) Sup­port for Busi­ness Envi­ron­ment Insti­tu­tions, (4) Financ­ing of advi­sory ser­vices that are nec­es­sary to attract exter­nal investors. His busi­ness career is com­bined with an aca­d­e­mic role involv­ing teach­ing at the Fac­ulty of Polit­i­cal Sci­ence at War­saw Uni­ver­sity. He is the project man­ager and gen­eral exec­u­tive of R & D projects of the Min­istry of Sci­ence and Higher Edu­ca­tion and author and co-​author of sev­eral mono­graphs and sci­en­tific articles.

Martin Bonde

Mar­tin Bonde

Mar­tin Bonde, Ph.D, B.Comm. is CEO of Epither­a­peu­tics ApS (www​.epither​a​peu​tics​.dk). He is a ser­ial entre­pre­neur who has founded and man­aged sev­eral com­pa­nies in Den­mark and the US includ­ing Aros Pharma ApS, NatIm­mune A/​S, Com­bio A/​S, Cel­Tor Inc., Tor­sana Biosen­sor and Osteome­ter Biotech. Mar­tin has fronted sev­eral suc­cess­ful exits over the last decade includ­ing NatIm­mune A/​S to IPC, Com­bio A/​S to Arp­ida AG, Tor­sana Biosen­sor A/​S to Cel­tor Inc. as well as exe­cut­ing sev­eral sig­nif­i­cant out-​licensing deals, acqui­si­tions, in-​licensing deals and col­lab­o­ra­tions. He is engaged as board mem­ber in Orp­hazyme ApS (www​.orp​hazyme​.com) (Chair­man) and is Chair­man of the Dan­ish Asso­ci­a­tion of Biotech Com­pa­nies (www​.dan​skbiotek​.dk).

Jeffery Grady

Jef­fery Grady

A US cit­i­zen with over 25 years of expe­ri­ence in pri­vate equity fund for­ma­tion and man­age­ment, ven­ture cap­i­tal, invest­ment bank­ing, hands-​on com­pany turn­around in Cen­tral Europe (as CEO), Rus­sia, Cen­tral Asia and Israel. Mr. Grady assisted in the for­ma­tion of an Israeli High-​Tech Fund and sat on the Invest­ment Com­mit­tee of that fund. Mr. Grady has also launched sev­eral of his own start-​up com­pa­nies with inter­na­tional investors and inter­na­tional fund­ing, suc­cess­fully exit­ing these invest­ments to acquir­ers. He has also been an ‘angel investor’ in early stage com­pa­nies in Poland and the US. He has a B.A. and M.A. from the Uni­ver­sity of Vir­ginia and an MBA from Yale Uni­ver­sity. Mr. Grady cur­rently splits time between the US, Poland and Ger­many, pri­mar­ily invest­ing in early-​stage companies.

Lukasz Kalinowski

Lukasz Kali­nowski

Lukasz Kali­nowski has worked with ADAMED since 2009. Presently he heads the Company’s Drug Dis­cov­ery unit where he is respon­si­ble for strat­egy exe­cu­tion that includes over­see­ing all of ADAMED inno­v­a­tive drugs research and devel­op­ment activ­i­ties as well as busi­ness devel­op­ment and part­ner­ing. Prior to join­ing ADAMED, he worked for inter­na­tional pro­fes­sional ser­vices firms pro­vid­ing strat­egy and man­age­ment con­sult­ing for clients from the CEE region. Lukasz grad­u­ated from Tech­ni­cal Uni­ver­sity of Den­mark and War­saw Uni­ver­sity of Tech­nol­ogy. He also attended pro­fes­sional edu­ca­tion courses at MIT.

Pawel Wielgus

Pawel Wiel­gus

Pawel Wiel­gus, PhD cur­rently holds a posi­tion of Key Account Man­ager in Life Sci­ence Depart­ment of Wro­claw Research Cen­tre EIT+ Ltd. where he is mainly respon­si­ble for com­mer­cial­iza­tion field. He obtained his MSc degree in biotech­nol­ogy at Wro­claw Uni­ver­sity of Tech­nol­ogy (WUT, Poland). He was also awarded a PhD degree at WUT, for which he stud­ied the­o­ret­i­cal and com­pu­ta­tional chem­istry. Dur­ing his PhD pro­gram he was awarded a pres­ti­gious schol­ar­ship at the Max Planck Insti­tute for Chem­i­cal Physics of Solids (Dres­den, Ger­many) as a part of 3-​year post­grad­u­ate Inter­na­tional Max Planck Research School pro­gram. Pawel also com­pleted post­grad­u­ate finan­cial stud­ies at Wro­claw Uni­ver­sity of Econ­omy. Due to his inter­est in econ­omy and cap­i­tal mar­ket for the last few years he worked in Pol­ish Asso­ci­a­tion of Indi­vid­ual Investors, finally as a Head of Legal Affairs Depart­ment. Dur­ing that time he used to be a mem­ber of Super­vi­sory Board of two pub­lic com­pa­nies listed on War­saw Stock Exchange as well as of sev­eral start-​up companies.

Marcin Tobor

Marcin Tobor

Marcin Tobor – Invest­ment Manager

He joined KFK in Decem­ber 2011 and cur­rently is respon­si­ble for build­ing the port­fo­lio and super­vis­ing the already exist­ing funds.

Prior to this for seven years he had worked in cor­po­rate finance and pri­vate equity sec­tor in France. He began his pro­fes­sional career with a pub­licly traded com­pany Buf­falo Grill SA as finan­cial ana­lyst. He co-​created M&A depart­ment in Novasep, where he was respon­si­ble for, among oth­ers things, screen­ing, eval­u­a­tion, mod­el­ing of poten­tial projects, merg­ers and acqui­si­tions in the phar­ma­ceu­ti­cal and bio-​tech indus­tries and PMI of newly acquired com­pa­nies. In next years, he was involved in cre­at­ing pri­vate equity fund LT Cap­i­tal SA, where he worked on invest­ment projects in the EEC sec­tor (energy, envi­ron­ment, cleantech).

At the Fund’s level, Marcin was engaged in man­ag­ing restruc­tur­ing and reor­ga­ni­za­tion projects of port­fo­lio com­pa­nies as an Interim Man­ager. Cur­rently, he is a mem­ber of the super­vi­sory board of a com­pany oper­at­ing in clean­tech indus­try – NrGaia SAS.

Marcin grad­u­ated from Uni­ver­sity of Eco­nom­ics in Katow­ice (for­mer Karol Adamiecki Acad­emy). He was socially engaged in aca­d­e­mic as a mem­ber and pres­i­dent of the Euro­pean Cen­tre for Inte­gra­tion Devel­op­ment (ECID).


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